Sainte Croix Red Wine

Elegance in a bottle…
A red PDO wine from Provence
Soft on the palate with very little tannic, this red PDO wine from Provence enhances your table with a touch of delicacy. Gourmet and fresh, this red wine bottled in our property is designed to be drank preferably young. Its combination of four varieties of grapes gives it a remarkable spicy taste. Discover our other red wines from Provence: Fernand, Patriarche or the Réserve des Anges.
  • Syrah 40%
  • Grenache 20%
  • Carignan 30%
  • Cabernet 10%
Food and Wine Pairing
This red wine from Provence with its sophisticated colour is perfect with meat dishes. To enjoy its taste and its aromas, we suggest that you drink it ideally, at a temperature between 12 ° and 15 °.